Troopah Knives

Forged in Fog

About Me

I was born in San Francisco and since I was 7 I have been interested in cooking. At 8 my parents taught me knife skills and when I was 12 I stumbled across a YouTube channel with a number of detailed documentations of knife builds; I quickly decided I wanted to try to make a knife.

My first knife was hand-shaped with a file and a handful of other crude but effective tools. The entire process took about two months and included some questionable heat treatment of 440c (a type of stainless steel) but in the end I had a functional knife. The process was hard work but extremely enjoyable as it gave me the chance to enjoy the cool, foggy San Francisco weather that I find so invigorating. I made a few more knives each significant improvement over the last. Over 9th grade summer break I got an internship at a knife making store where I learned my hand polishing and sharpening technique.

Over the years I have acquired more and more sophisticated machinery which has helped me improve the quality of my knives and the speed at which I can make them. However, I’ve stuck with many hand-working techniques: I use hand files to finalize the profiles of my blades and I use sand paper to hand finish all of my blades (this is usually a 2-5 hr endeavor depending on the size of the knife). The entire process of making my knives takes place in the backyard of my San Francisco home, and I am committed to keeping every aspect of the process as ecofriendly as possible.