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6” ABL Stainless Chef’s Knife, cocobolo three-part handle. Build Price $220


Paired 8” Chef’s and 6” Utility. Damascus blades and ironwood burl handles. Build Price $650. Case not included.


3.5” stainless paring, iron wood and micarta three-part handle. Build Price $180


9.5" Chef's Knife, Maple Burl Handle with traditional Japanese Hamon. Build Price $300.


Matched 3.5" drop-point hunters, Ironwood Burl handles. Build Price $150 (each)




I use 1095 for blades that are differential hardened especially when I am making a blade with a hamon because it is the closest you can get to a Japanese carbon steel in the States.


52100 is a carbon steel with a pinch of Cr and a few other alloying elements it has an extremely fine grain structure and takes a very fine edge.


AEB-L is a steel that was originally developed for razor blades (In fact most razor blades still use this type of steel). I have found that it functions a lot like a corrosion resistant version of 52100. AEB-L is also extremely tough compared to many modern super steels.


All of my wood is from Greenberg woods and is sustainably harvested or heirloom stock. I would recommend looking at his wood stock if you are thinking of custom ordering a knife.